When good seems too good to be true.

I hadn’t realised that I hadn’t yet blogged about a completely unexpected reversal in my ex-husbands behavior.

So from my previous blogs you will know I’ve been getting a fair amount of hassle from my ex-husband. But recently this has changed.

While I was on holiday with the kids at the start of the year I found myself being disappointed that I couldn’t just send a few pictures of the kids to my ex. Our relationship hadn’t reached this stage yet and I wasn’t sure if it ever would. I don’t understand why he’s so angry with me and where his resentment comes from. I’m still not sure what I did wrong. He had an affair! But this is what life has become so I was living with it.

When we came back from holiday we spoke about several things and I explained about my feelings of sending more photos to him. Things seemed to change a corner. He was becoming amicable. Don’t get me wrong I was hurt at the time and I still hate him for everything he has done to the boys and to me. But I’m happier now in so many different ways.

I hope this can continue. We are now at the end of January. There has been no shouting, arguing or bitching. But even that is putting me on edge. Why has this suddenly become much easier? Does he want something? I’d he planning something?


Credit card fraud

So I’m sitting a couple of nights ago and I get a call from the credit card company to say they think my credit card has been used fraudulently.

They went through several transactions and asked if they had been me or not. Most were easy but it was a bad line and I didn’t know what he was saying for one of the transactions. We agreed to leave it as non fraudulent as I wasn’t sure if it was mine. (Mainly because I couldn’t hear him)

As there was no loss on my account my card was cancelled and the information was going to be sent somewhere.

When I came off the phone I checked my credit card statement and it had been blocked while they looked at it so I couldn’t check anything.

I’m not sure why two nights later I decided to look at the statement. Well there was that transaction that I wasn’t sure about and I was now sure that it wasn’t me! So I phone the credit card company back to explain. Now I understand it was late and they are doing their job. But I’ve been the victim here and they brought it to my attention. But he came across really arrogant asking if I was sure I wanted to raise the claim. Of course I did I wasn’t letting someone get away with this!

He explained that because money had successfully been taken from my account it would now be passed across to the fraud team to look into. Why wasn’t this being done in the first place was my question! He said that previously it would be looked into but not as a priority.

I came off the phone and phoned my mum. I’m glad I did, we were going through all the possible things that this charge could have been. Then it hit me I had booked my son’s birthday party and I picked up the wrong card for the payment. We were convinced that because the transaction had been done locally my details must have been stolen locally!

I had to phone the fraud team up immediately. He had told me I could be done for fraud if this turned out to be my transaction! So I phone back and couldn’t get through!

I didn’t have a chance to phone back until the next night. When I phoned back I got a nice guy who told me he would remove it from my claim.

You just never know where your details are safe and who could be trying to get your information.

Day 8 – traveling home

So we still had another full day before we had to catch our flight. But really what were we going to do. We had done it all and the boys enjoyed being on the beach the most and we wouldn’t be able to get the sand cleaned off once we had checked out.

After packing everything up and having breakfast we were ready to make our plans for the afternoon. First we went on a buggy bike (a bike that 2 peddle and the boys sit in front). We cycled to the park, played about a bit and cycled back.

We then stopped for lunch. My oldest didn’t eat much at all which is when I realised he hadn’t eaten much for breakfast either. I was starting to wonder if this illness was about to start spreading again!

After lunch the kids asked to go to the park and had fun playing knowing it would be the last time before we headed home. Unusually when we got back to the hotel they had a BBQ in the afternoon with hotdogs and burgers. The burgers were disgusting but my youngest enjoyed a hotdog. When my oldest refused to eat a hotdog that’s when I started to think he was probably going to be ill as well.

It was time to head to the airport. As we got out the taxi and unloaded the luggage my oldest was sick at the side of the road. A lady coming out of the airport terminal asked if he would like her water to drink. That was really nice for someone walking by. I doubt they would have been as nice to an adult. Luckily we got to check in most of our luggage which made it easier to get round the airport with a toddler and a sick child.

My oldest seemed better after he was sick asking for a drink and saying that he was hungry. He also said that he thought it was the taxi drivers driving that made him sick because he drove so fast. Maybe he’s right, but he’s never been travel sick before.

The boys both fell asleep on the flight which was good. But then as we came into land I was told I had to wake my youngest up so that he was sitting up with a seatbelt on. To say I was furious was a slight understatement.

I’m starting to think that I will be glad to see the end of this holiday! We should get in around midnight and I have no bread, milk or anything for the boys breakfast in the morning. I’m not sure if I’ll even make it to work if my oldest is still unwell.

I wanted this week to be a week of more positive posts. But the kids being unwell has made that difficult and I feel it’s not been the most positive week. Surely my luck has to change soon. I’ll need to start buying lotto/lottery tickets for this change of luck that I’m due.

Day 7 – Surprisingly eventually you want to go home.

I started to feel ready to go home last night. When you fist arrive it’s not something you expect to feel. Our morning passed quickly again at the beach chasing the fish and building sand castles.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a leisurely walk around the town. By the time the evening came I had no energy to consider writing this blog. My oldest’s behavior was getting worse because he was getting into trouble from my parents before he even moved, so he was clearly getting frustrated with this. But he was starting to take out his frustration on his brother so he was kicking or hitting whenever he got a chance. I’m starting to be glad we’re heading home soon. Own beds and back to our own routine.

Day 6 – back to normal for how long

We got up and ready today and headed to the beach to try and catch a fish with some nets we bought. Just standing in the sea paddling and you could see fish swimming around. But it started to rain while on the beach so we had to abandon our plans. We stopped at the pool on our way back and when the rain passed the kids went in the pool for a while before we showered and went for lunch.

Instead of my youngest napping close to dinner we decided to encourage him to nap in the afternoon instead today. He had a nap while we walked round some shops and my oldest played in the park.

Shortly after he woke up that’s when I first started to realise that I was ready to go home. My parents are starting to get stressed at my eldest behavior. But he’s 4 he can not walk everywhere and behave perfectly all the time. He’s getting told off before he does anything now. No wonder he’s asking to sleep in my room instead and saying he wants to go home.

Day 5 – health has resumed, but for how long?

So with my littlest one not feeling well I came out with sympathy and also started to feel sick. This morning we were up at 7.30am after he slept through the night which I thought was good going since he had napped so much the day before.

We went for a very short and slow run, only 0.53miles! But I suppose it’s better than nothing and the amount of walking I’m doing helps make up for it.

We went paddling in the sea again this morning and were surprised to see so many fish swimming around. So we decided tomorrow we will buy a net and try to catch a fish. We spent a few hours on the beach and the boys came away covered in sand. But at least I discovered that the shower head comes off so I could wash them down properly today.

Holidays with kids aren’t exactly relaxing you are on the go continuously so after lunch we were at the park and then the swimming pool.

Now that we’ve stopped for five minutes I can see that my oldest is looking pale with dark eyes. I really hope he’s not going to be ill next.

Last night there was a market on so we took a stroll along and round the market. The boys chose some hex bugs (the bugs that vibrate and move around a home made track). The track that they had made was impressive made with straws and other things from around the house. They had made ramps and turnstiles, looks like I know what our project is going to be when we get home.

We were back at the hotel and setting up a track for the bugs a short while later. It’s amazing what junk you end up carrying about in your buggy that can be used to make a track for some vibrating bugs.

Tomorrow is meant to be a cooler day so hopefully it will be more pleasant to sit in the sun.

Day 4 – our holiday is slowing down to a crawl!

I was up through the night several times with tiny. He would either cough or I would here his stomach gargle before he brough up a mouthful of yellow bile. He woke properly around 9am and I thought that might be us ready to go. But no he fell back asleep soon after until closer to 11am.

We got up and dressed and he was desperate for some water. He drank three small amounts before we went to see if the others were ready. As we were waiting for them he brought the water back up! I had searched last night to find some antibacterial hand gel, with no luck, this morning I got to a pharmacy to buy some to try and stop this spreading to the rest of us. So now before any of us eat we gel our hands.

We had a very easy slow day to make sure he was feeling better. The only major thing that happened was when my lawyer contacted me to say I had to sign paperwork ASAP. I panicked at first as I didn’t know what he wanted. Nothing too strenuous for us today. Around 4pm tiny fell asleep again this time for 2hrs. I’m expecting tonight’s sleep to be limited.

We stayed up to watch the show and both boys asked to go to bed about twenty minutes later. To be fair it wasn’t a very exciting show for kids.