I never thought I’d end up being a victim giving evidence in court 😖

So next week I have to go to court to give evidence against my ex husband following a domestic offence against me.

Although I’m writing this blog now I do not intend to publish it straight away. I have thought about writing everything down but somehow I just don’t have the words or often the energy to do it.

In the middle of April this year my ex husband came to collect the children like we had agreed. He demanded to see one of my bank accounts and when I told him no things escalated.

We already have a legal separation agreement in place so he’s received everything that he’s entitled to in my opinion. He told me that he either wanted to see the account or half of what is in it as he doesn’t trust me. (He doesn’t trust me, he had an affair and walked out on our marriage. Sorry forgot for a minute that’s all my fault) I said to him that he should speak to a lawyer if he believes he’s entitled to anything else as I don’t believe he is. This went on for a while and during it he wasn’t watching our oldest. I told him twice to watch him as he was walking away and he said he was fine (without looking round). On the 3rd time when my oldest was now out of my sight I walked by my ex to make sure my son was safe. I brought him back to my exes car and he got strapped in and ready to go. I tried to walk quicker at this point to get back inside hoping it would end the conversation. Buy my ex caught up with me and continued. When I heard my new man come in the back door I told my ex that I didn’t need to talk about this anymore and he should speak to a lawyer. As I closed the front door he pushed his way in and I lost my balance. He came in my house to yell at me. I have no idea what he said. At that point my new partner came through to tell him he was to leave. 

I had to leave myself, I had to check my children were okay, I went to the car and spoke about nothing to them. I think it was about how they were going to have fun with their Dad. (I know how that sounds, but they are both under 5)

The guys continued arguing and came out of the house. I walked back to the house hoping that it would all be over if I wasn’t outside. I don’t remember what was being said and my ex was pushing on my shoulders shouting something. All I could think was to get away, the children couldn’t see this. My ex shouted something at me again and my new man said not to shout at a woman. To which my ex responded “that’s my wife”. All I could think was I had to distract the kids. They were in the car so I leaned in the back door to talk to them. My oldest asked “what are my Daddy and X talking about” I told him not to worry and tried to distract him again with general chat. 

My ex then came over to me and started pulling on my shoulders shouting at me to get out the car (I was leaning in). When I continued to reassure the kids he wasn’t happy and jumped in the drivers seat and continued to shout at me to get out. I forgot he had left the engine on and the next thing he had reversed the car twice hitting me with the open car door.

I stepped back out the way of the car and he sped off with the open door. I knew what I had to do, but for some reason I needed to be told. I phoned my friend and explained what had happened. She told me to phone the police for advice. We both know it wasn’t for advice, but somehow this made it easier for me to do.


4 thoughts on “I never thought I’d end up being a victim giving evidence in court 😖”

  1. Omg. What a jerk. Sorry to call him that but he sounds like one. And sounds like my ex. These men are crazy. And to do that infront of the kids is deplorable. I’m glad though your new man was there. Maybe if he wasn’t, things could have been worse. Good luck in court!

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