Diary of a single mum with MS

I’ve not wrote anything on here for a while. What can I say other than life has got a bit busy. After going through the separation and the court case I’m now raising 2 boys under 6 myself.

I’m not sure why I’m choosing to publish now. Maybe it’s because I haven’t for a while, or maybe it’s the alcohol.

I decided a couple of months ago that the boys and I needed a fresh start (spurred on by MS fatigue when I thought I wasn’t going to make it up the stairs).

So I put the house up for sale not expecting anything to actually happen. But about a month later I had accepted and offer, put an offer in for another house and was packing to move in less that 5 weeks!

So tonight I’m thinking about the changes in my life over the past few years. I’ve spent today packing our things with help from my Dad. I knew I was going out tonight so I had to take it easy, I went for a bath and think I might have fell asleep for 20 minutes.  I got out the bath and lay in bed and fell asleep for over and hour.

Some may think this is a nice relaxing day. But this is odd for me. I’m not used to having to take it easy. it’s now midnight I’ve been out for dinner and drinks with my friends and I’m tired again. I used to be able to stay out until the early hours but life had changed. I’ve been home for a while and hung up washing to dry.

I guess MS is going to make me more tired and being a single parent means I’ll always have housework to do.