Day 3 – Illness strikes

My youngest was up first today. 7.10am so we were up, dressed and out for a run by 7.30am. Before we left he had a bad cough and I thought he was going to be sick. A drink of water and he was better and we were ready to go. The path I had worked out in my head wasn’t as long as I was expecting it to be. But I still ran 1.25 miles which is better than doing nothing.

We went back to the hotel and showered before heading for breakfast with everyone else. After breakfast we went for a walk and while out my youngest was sick everywhere. Got to say I was thankful that grandpa was holding him! So it was back to the hotel to get cleaned up.

My oldest wanted to explore the beach so off we went with buckets and spades. Neither of them looked at the toys, playing in the sea was much more fun! Jumping waves and feeling them crash into their legs.

We then agreed that after lunch we would head for a milkshake shop. For being a destination that is mainly cocktails this wasn’t actually that easy!

When we found one the boys were desperate to share milkshakes and lollies which we were trying to avoid to stop any possible bug spreading.

After a short while there was horrid smell coming from my youngest! He now has the diarrhea to go with the sickness! I planned to go back to the hotel to change him. But decided to do it on a quiet part of the beach instead and save the smell in the room. (And the possibility of a leaking nappy).

The afternoon passed quickly with my youngest having a second nap before dinner which is not like him at all. Both ate well again at dinner so looks like we are on the mend.

After dinner we went a short walk and then back to the hotel to wait for the acrobatics show to start. The boys spilt a non alcoholic cocktail while we waited. Then we thought that since my youngest hadn’t been well we should get him something small to eat. He chose some bread saying he didn’t want any biscuits or ice cream. Then on the way out of the restaurant he was sick again. The staff were great and I took him upstairs to get cleaned up.

You wouldn’t know anything was wrong with him! Upstairs he asked to go back to the show and mainly because no-one knew where we had gone we went back to the show. He sat perfectly through it eager to see what would happen next.

Bed time was much later. But I was expecting that with the naps he had today. I’m now really just hoping that he sleeps through the night and no sickness.


Day 2 – but our first full day on holiday

The hotel has recently been refurbished. But I think they forgot to do anything with the beds!

After a spot of rearranging furniture last night we were ready to sleep. I’m with my 2 year old and my oldest is sleeping with my parents. The boys slept through and and my oldest was up and dressed by 9am. He came to our door and woke us up, this is almost unheard of at home. Then you’ve never seen a 2 year old want to get ready so fast to see his brother and grandpa! Think we were up and ready in less than 10 minutes, this normally takes us an hour at home. But then there is a lot more to do at home.

Today has went well: we had another time out, a walk around the local area and a swim in the pool before a shot in the park. Seemed to be a successful day. The boys have both chosen a toy and we are now sitting watching a foreign episode of the Simpson’s while I work on this blog. No idea what’s going on in the Simpson’s!

There is a kids disco every night and one of the staff came up today to ask if the kids were going. When he walked away my 4 Year old turned to me and said “that man is crazy”. But he still wanted to go to the kids disco.

Just before getting to the disco my youngest was desperate to have his picture taken with an ornamental Santa (again something he would never do at home) and even more unusual my oldest wanted in the picture too! Trying to get a photo with them both is never easy but then we didn’t see what was coming next. Apparently Santa was once mechanical but was broken so as the kids cuddled into him his head fell off!

So I didn’t run today but we’ve done a fair amount of walking. I’m hoping to run tomorrow morning. I’ve tried a few times to get online today. And every so often I get on but to quote one of my favorite people just now the “internet is piss poor.” So I’m worried that I won’t be able to track my run when I actually get to do it.

So looks like the sleeping arrangements are what ever bed I put my son in it’s not going to be long before we are sleeping in the same single bed!

I haven’t slept heavily in years but just in case I start this week the door is locked with the buggy in front of it just in case I don’t feel him unwrapping himself from me, getting out of bed and opening the door! You just never know!

The kids are eating well and are happy so I’d say day one is a success.

Day 1 toddlers and traveling

I think that traveling with toddlers only has two options it can be okay or a disaster. I’m not sure if it can ever be good. Either way you hope you will survive. As a single parent this becomes harder.

So we are on a four and a half hour flight with a four year old and a two year old. The first hour passed relatively fast with only one minor difficulty where my two year old decided he was stripping off! But a few bribes (sweets) and of course photos later and he was dressed again.

This is actually my parents holiday and they invited us to come along. So that makes this much easier. After the first hour both boys wanted to sit with grandpa so my mum and I got three seats to ourself. Not sure if the rest of this holiday will be as easy for us.

About two hours in my oldest decided he needs the toilet. Aeroplane toilets, how on earth do you become part of that mile high club? There is no way to be discreet trying to get two people into a toilet while a plane full of passengers look on. But then there is the logistics. I took a 4 year old to the toilet twice. Both times I found myself thankfull that I’ve lost weight recently and glad that I don’t have a bigger than average child. It was tiny for the two of us! Never mind two adults!

I forgot that this toilet experience was also new to my son. First he was confused about how the toilet actually worked as there was no water. But I found myself almost wetting myself with laughter when he flushed the toilet and he got a fright and jumped back with the noise it made.

Four and a half hours later and there is no feeling that describes completely how you feel when the other passengers are getting off and are saying how well the kids behaved.

Unfortunately this didn’t last the boys got more excited the closer we got to the hotel and my oldest couldn’t listen to anything being said as he was so excited. Eventually this meant he had to learn the hard way and he got his first time out while we were away.

I know it’s exciting for the kids so hopefully tomorrow will be more relaxed and we’ll get a chance to explore and the kids well get a chance to get out and about so they can burn off some energy.

A week abroad with a 2 & 4 Year old. Let the stress and tantrums begin.

So I’ve decided to blog about our first real holiday with me as a single parent with 2 boys. And just so we are clear it’s my stress and tantrums that I’m expecting and that’s before I even get on the plane!

I’ve decided to do this for 2 reasons, as a diary to remind me how I managed and as a start to logging my new fitness regime for this year.

It’s going to be great to get away for a week, and no stressing about my X turning up or getting in touch. My parents are going too so I have someone to help with the kids. And every morning I’m hoping to get up and go for a run… Maybe that’s over ambitious I’ll aim for Evey 2nd day.

Recently I’ve been using blogging as a therapy or way of venting with things that are going wrong. So I’m looking forward to this being a more positive week.

Let the fun begin.

New Year? It’s got to be better than the last one?

I remember talking to people during 2015 who said your going to be glad when this year’s over. So I thought I’m going to work on 2 blogs. One with how bad things have been and one with the good things.

I started this blog what feels like months ago and I can’t believe the new year is now only a day away.


Bad things from 2015

* started to suspect my marriage was coming to an end.

* I knew my marriage was over. (While away for a weekend for my birthday)

* take dog#1 to vet for boosters and I’m told she has a tumor and might not have long left.

May (start of)
* found a hotel room booked for my husband and his bit on the side.

May (middle of)
* My best friends dog is diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 1-2 months to live.

May (end of)
* my husband informs me that he can’t find the perfect place to live yet but we are now living separate lives in the same house? A few days later he accuses me of having an affair? (I though living separate lives would imply you could see anyone else if you wanted to, and I wasn’t!)

* husband moves out and is back everyday for one excuse or another.

* dog#1 is diagnosed with incontinence and the mass is growing.

* my sister in law, her partner and their child decide to come and stay with me for 2 nights? (This still confuses me months on, this isn’t normal right?)

* major fall out with my X because I introduce my new man.

* new man’s relative becomes more unwell (terminally ill before we met)
* Dog#2 bites me defending food. I have kids so that means she has to be re-homed.
* The bank messed up and my X has had access to my bank account this whole time.
* My older dog is put to sleep.
* I have to tell my X he can not have the kids on an unscheduled day as we already have plans. This eventually ends with me having to say I will phone the police if he doesn’t leave me alone.

* I’ve started to struggle sleeping through the night.
* I now think my work and patience is being effected by my x’s tantrums.
* initial mediation appointment is scheduled following my X stating that if we can’t discuss things we need to do it through mediation. (Translated I said no to him so we need mediation)

Good things from 2015
* first met my new man.

* decided I was going to move on with life and booked to go away for a weekend with the kids in October.
* Friends and family find out about my new man.

* my new man first met the kids.
* We discovered my sons love aeroplanes following an air show.
* I started blogging (which started with a review).

* I started blogging about my life.
* Went away for the weekend with my man and the kids. And it went great.
*Booked to go on holiday next year.
* My friends met my man and it went well.
* First encounter of being sick with alcohol. (Yes I’m putting this on my good list)

* dog trainer assesses dog #2 and says that I actually have a dog that is trained well. Have written a blog about this.
* my new man and I are honest about our feelings for each other.

* I delete my X and his family off social media sites. I’m surprised how liberating this is!

Blogging a therapy – post 3

Seems there is starting to be a pattern as to when I need to post. Every 2-3 days. Is that really how long things can remain calm or neutral for? Surely there must be a bigger aim than that.

My weekend has actually been good until Sunday night. Christmas activities done with the boys. And while they were with their dad I got things I needed to do around the house and some more Christmas shopping.

The boys came home last night (15 min early by his request) and I remember thinking good they are with me for 5 nights, I’ll be able to get some routine and also hopefully little contact with my X husband.

So I was wrong (that seems to be happening a lot recently).

The kids were badly behaved. I do understand how difficult this is for them and it always takes a few days to get back to a ‘normal’ routine. So they get some leeway the first night and it gradually gets less as the time passes.

But although the kids have been like this, I’m not feeling well and I’m tired. I’m surprisingly in quite a good mood.

Then I got a text from my X husband asking if we can have a 10min chat. In summary he wanted to change when he had the kids again – which I said no to since he chose the days in the first place. Then he told me that things that I was posting on social media were inappropriate – this was one of these quiz things that analyse your profile and comes up with 5 reasons to love me.

Then he thinks that since the last conversation ended badly we should chat to make it better. Well an hour later with me mainly listening to his feelings and him telling me how negative I am. I can say again I’ve had enough!

Really all I wanted was an early night. Then next thing I know it’s nearly 10pm and I’ve been listening to my X go on about his feelings for almost and hour (and it’s the 2nd call to him in the night).

I’ve been hearing a lot recently about karma, I hope there really is some truth to it.


Blogging a therapy – post 2

I don’t even know where to start for how wrong today as went. Work hasn’t went very smoothly. But ignoring that I got this text to round of my morning.


Now all I asked for was for the kids to come back 2 hours earlier on the 2nd so that we could go and visit people. I am going abroad for a week with the boys which is the time away he is talking about. And I suppose everyone can guess “talk rationally” means getting what I want.

Well I suppose I’m fed up with him making all the decisions and responded to this which escalated into another argument. Although my first reply I think was pleasant with me offering to come and go. He’s basically told me no and It’s tough he’s doing what he wants.

Again same as from yesterday, I’m fed up with this. I don’t even know how to explain how I feel. I just want to move forward. I want to stop dredging up anything that gone wrong in the past and move on for the kids. But he doesn’t seem able to do this.

He wants to talk about Christmas and I’m not sure what else there is to say. So when he drops the boys off I explain I have a lot planned this week and I really don’t have time to talk to him. It’s either tonight or it might be more than a week later.

So he texts saying we can try and talk. By the end of the call he’s got his way so he’s happy.

I don’t know if I should be happy is over again and things can be settled for a while or annoyed that he’s basically pushed again and got what he wanted. Really I was looking for the boys to be back two hours earlier, I even tried to compromise for 1 hour. Are things really going to be this petty?